Sunday, August 15, 2010

Oops! I did it again

Well, that didn't last long. I bought yarn. I made it 15 days and zero projects into my buy a project only after finishing 5 goal. However, I have a whole ton of rationalizations. First, I must start with the back story.

Saturday mornings I knit a nice yarn shop which frowns on people knitting with other store's yarn. It's their prerogative. Coffee shops aren't fond of people taking in their coffee from home and parking their behind in a comfy care and using the free wifi for hours on end. It's the same thing. I treasurer the LYS that doesn't mind but understand the ones that do.

So I had picked a up 8 skeins of linen yarn that I'm knitting in a lace top down sweater that will take me a few years of Saturdays to finish.
I love the yarn M&K Linen. It's so crisp and nice yet not as wiry as other linens I've knit with.
Lace always looks like ramen noodles before it's blocked.

So I'm knitting with the Linen and loving it. When the owner asks me how I like it and I say I love it, she laughs and says I'm the only one then. As I'm leaving and at the register with a pattern and the person in front of me is returning the same yarn. Owner turns to me and says It's going strait into the clearance bin. I waffle a bit. I really really want it but I want to hit my goal too. I like not breaking goals, it makes me feel in control and I like being in control. I crumbled when the person returning the yarn said she would just give me the two balls she already knit and can't return. I now have enough linen to knit a summer top in the fabulous shiny smoke blue linen yarn for $18. I love that yarn. I look fabulous in that color. $18!

So, now to decide what to do. Do I have to knit 10 things before I buy yarn again? Ha! I think not. 6? Pretend it never happened? Pretend it never happened is my favorite. After all, I haven't finished a single project of my 5. So nobody will know if I just start all over again today with a blank slate. That's what I'm going to do. No yarn buying starting today until I finish 5 projects. Then I can buy one project with total yardage of no more than half of what I just knit. So there.

I'm still knitting on my Denim Silverbell. I spent all of Friday reknitting the three days worth I unraveled. Right now I'm slogging through the largest part of the yoke at 360 stitches.


Miss Peaches said...

I vote for blank slate as well. A good bargain always wins me over :)

needlefingers said...

It was serendipity, and everyone knows serendipity never counts against a person. :)