Friday, April 22, 2011

Bow Ties are Cool


It’s after midnight and I’m really tired having stayed up late just to get to tomorrow. This post will be a little more subdued since it’s hard to squeeee with gritty eyes.

onemilljellybeans' letter says “Bow Ties are cool”

Oh yes they are.
So very very cool!

Sumi-e comes over and checks it out.

Sumi-e does not squeee. He’s not the squeeeing type.

I can’t imagine why not.
Or why he is so angry all the time.

I am the squeeeing type. This is perfect!
I haven’t thought I was the hair bow type until I put it in. My hair is just the right cut to wear this. I love it! It turns out that I’m the hair bow tie type. onemilljellybeans took notice when I said that I loved the subtle. I’m wearing this to work tomorrow and nobody will know it’s Who but me. I really really love that.

Big squoooshy hugs to onemilljellybeans. It’s totally worth staying up late for this.

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