Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Superheat Infusion

Day 5 and 6

Tuesdays are crazy for me so I won’t be online to post. Also, it’s my birthday and it’s after midnight so it’s tomorrow too. All rationalizations for me to come home and tear into two of the pressies.

They had the same quote.

“superheat infusion of free radicals and tannins, just the thing for healing synapses”

5 is big and heavy and square. Oh yeah. I’m getting aaaa mug I’m getting aaaa muuuuug

But which one? The Dalek one? The phone box one? The one with Five? The one with Eleven? The Amy one? Why doesn’t Donna have one? Oooo the one from Donna’s temp desk? Do they make that? They should. One of the million million on Cafe Press?


The TARDIS disappears on one side and reappear on the other when hot liquid is put in. I tried to get photos but they didn’t show the awesomeness. Think of how cool that looks. Multiply it by five. You are now on the same planet of cool but no where close. It’s that cool. It slowly fades out getting fainter and fainter. I can actually hear the noise. It’s That Cool!

Computer. Earle Grey, hot.
nonono wrong fandome

I have some synapses that need healing.

Let’s open 6

Aaaaaah yes.

Cups for Hope

Organic Earl Grey
Organic Assam Breakfast
Organic Orange Sencha

Thank You. I love it!

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needlefingers said...

I think it was only fitting that you opened two, since they went so nicely together.

Btw, Earl Grey is really lovely with a few drops of vanilla in it. Even better on the second brewing. mmmmm . . . .