Saturday, April 23, 2011



I come home from the soccer game to a box. What? Another box? I wasn't expecting another box. Thank You tammo!

I rip into it and after having a really good time squeeeing and smooshing and sniffing I look down at this.
Right. I had better stop and take photos.



Made of WIN!

And Free Trade Coffee. Perfect. I love coffee. Free Trade is even better. I'm going to make a cup right now to celebrate.

2 balls of KP Felici Sport in Garden Gate. I just love the colors. It's so soft and smooshy. I'm going to cast on right now.

2 balls KP Felici Sport in Picnic. I really really love the colors.

I'm now wondering how I can knit 3 pairs of socks by tomorrow. I want to knit them all RIGHT NOW!

Bonkers 50% Tencel 50% Merino in beautiful Emerald Forest. Tracy is a local dyer and her colors are always stunning. Also, her rovings are so very lofty and never compacted from the dyeing. I'm going to have to spin a very special yarn out of this. Maybe lace weight to make it last longer. This roving is very beautiful. Thank you.

Just look at all the gorgeousness.

Thank you.


Seriously, Thank You!

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