Sunday, October 05, 2014

I Love Where I Live.

Today instead of taking the four minute drive to the walking trail...wait for it... I walked to the walking trail. I know, shocking.

While I appreciated the not needing a car for my daily walk I didn't enjoy the ten minutes of walking to get there. It's all the same if the goal is exercise but when I walk instead of going to the gym it's to be outside. Walking through the Hobby Lobby parking lot to get to the Taco Bell parking lot to get to the trail didn't much feel like being outside and then my time on the trail was cut by twenty minutes, so I don't know. The trail is stunningly beautiful this time of year, well really, most anytime of the year, so it's a shame to cut it short. I'm going to try it again a few more times to see if I get used to it. Maybe if I jogged the urban part? Good for me but it sounds unlikely.

When I'm walking I listen to podcasts but at home I'm listening to the Dresden Files audio book so that means I'm knitting even more socks.

This is Knit Picks yarn I was gifted for my birthday. I just love the color. I've always like Knit Pick sock yarn fine but this time I knit it really dense on size 000 needles because I was too lazy to get up and find the 0 I usually use for the yarn. The fabric is AMAZING. It's so much softer and squooshier. That's not what normally happens when a fabric is knit so densely it's bullet proof, normally the fabric gets stiff and harsh. I'm very pleased with how they turned out.
Anyway, I'm listening to Dresden Files and knitting socks and sad I'm on the last book, so I go online to see if more books are in the works. I'm clicking around the official website pleased to find that seven more books are planned when I stumble across the author bio. He lives RIGHT HERE. I could be at his house in 42 minutes accounting for traffic. I'll have to watch for any local book signings.

Walking trails, our library system, our community radio, the local art scene, the food, the local gaming (board games), the best yarn stores (and I've traveled looking), and now local authors. I just love where I live.

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