Thursday, October 09, 2014

"In My Stylish Yet Affordable Boots"

Today was fun and productive. It started with getting together with a friend to buy clothes at Savers, eating sushi for lunch, then visiting a few book stores, and coming home to an Amazon order.

The clothes were especially satisfying because we found three shirts to go with a pair of pants I bought while living in Chicago, so I've owned them for years. The pants are a fine grain corduroy in a strange brown leaning blue color and I've never had a shirt that really went with them. I've worn them from time to time but they've never been in regular rotation. With my new to me shirts I expect to get a lot of wear out them.

Better yet, when I was trying on shirts my friend wandered over to the shoes and came back with a pair of fall boots for me to try and and they are perfect. Brown, high heeled, wide width so they actually fit, perfection.

I'm so pleased with the clothes that this month, as I cycle through my wardrobe, I plan on getting rid of anything that's worn out or no longer flattering. I'm also going to look for any other pieces I don't wear because they need something to go with them. Once I've done that I'll evaluate and see what I need and go buy it.

The Amazon package held a used DVD for movie night, since buying was cheaper than renting, and a little hot water bottle. Joey has taken ownership of my large hot water bottle and won't share. Ok, I can make him share but with winter coming we might as well each have one. Also, the small sized hot water bottle was too cute to resist.

I decided to pause the Dresden Files so it wouldn't be over too quickly and instead of listening to James Marsters read I would listen to him sing. I put on Once More, With Feeling and watched Buffy "Not Exactly Quaking in My Stylish Yet Affordable Boots" as she kicked ass and I got sucked into the emotional train wreck of Season Six

More than one episode of Buffy later I have most of a hot water bottle cover. Pattern is Honk Shu Hottie Cozy and how I found out small hot water bottles are even a thing. Yarn is some of my first hand spun back from 1999 or 2000. It's always been problematic with the combination of turquoise and orange and rather thin. I'm holding three strands together to knit this I'm pleased with how it's turning out.

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