Friday, October 03, 2014

It's So Pretty.

I really enjoyed the Renaissance Festival this year. It started out a little on edge because I was on a mission of shopping for my current swap partner and I wasn't in the mood to watch the shows. I go with friends and it can be a challenge to get the schedule coordinated.  But I drove myself and looked at booths while meandering to the group meetup. While watching the keg toss I circled all the booths I wanted to visit on a map and grabbed a friend and we power shopped all but 3 of the booth on my list in 40 minutes. I found exactly what I wanted at the first booth but needed to glance at all the others to be sure. 5 booths later I was sure.

So the rest of the day when friends kept on saying it was time for me to go look I was all- but I'm already done.

Yarn in the damp. It's been raining for 3 days and there isn't a dry space left.

Then I found this. Pretty, pretty yarn. It's so pretty. 530 yards of superwash wool from Th'Red Head and I bought it for someone else and feel super pleased that I'm working ahead. That's some gift knitting right there so I can't talk about it.

After the yarn we split up with some going to the joust and the rest of us going to a singing group. The singing was the highlight of the day. Along with the uncomfortable anticipation of a wardrobe malfunction involving a corset (it never happened, I suspect glue) the songs were fantastic. Fun geeky songs. Mash-up of Irish ballads and 90's cartoon theme songs, movie references, and an all around good time.

We all met back up at the caber toss. I've never been so emotionally invested in a sport before. I was gasping, and covering my mouth with my hand, and cheering and having a blast.

It was a good day.

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