Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Containment Issues

I keep my knitting stash in this dresser in my living room. I have the rule that all knitting yarn is in the dresser and the sock yarn lives in the cute picnic basket on top.

Don't laugh, those of you that have been inside of my apartment, it's a rule and I stand by it. All those piles of random yarn spread out everywhere are works in progress, not stash. I am using them. All the boxes of yarn are leftovers from projects and hardly count as stash either. The baskets of yarn are the projects I want to start next and I don't see how those could possibly count as stash. They have a plan. The yarn hanging from the walls? Well that is my hand spun and it is Art until I get around to knitting it.

Ok, back to my stash. My stash lives in this beat up dresser from my childhood. It has five large drawers so I can sort my stash by yarn weight. When that gets old I sort it by favorites. Then a few months later I sort it back by yarn weight.

I have a problem. My new yarn does not fit. I do not like the pile of stash yarn. (shut up. stop laughing. the other piles of yarn do not count) To the left is the sweater yan that does not fit. To the right, on top of the picnic basket is the sock that does not fit. And I still have the goal of knitting half of the yarn I buy and spin.

So, because of the sale and Tour De Fleece I now need to knit 20 projects to hit half. Maybe I need the counter again. Whatever. This time I'm going to knit sweaters so I can free up some room. The cute little projects aren't cutting it.

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