Sunday, August 02, 2009

Last of the 25 projects

I've knit 25 projects. That was the number needed to hit the goal of knit half of the yarn I have bought. Instead of drawing it out (I want to buy yarn today!) I am posting them together as a mass.

A few weeks ago I taught a beginning knitting class. I wrote up a pattern for them that knit in the round and covered CO, K, M1, P, K2tog, and BO. I wasn't going to add it to the list but it did use half of a ball of Nashua Wooly Stripes so it's not in the stash any more.

Arm Warmers. I love arm warmers. In the winter it's my arms and hands that get cold. A cotton tee shirt and wool arm warmers are all I need in most settings. Of course, in my home I wear arm warmers under my wool sweaters.
Lion Brand Sock Yarn bought in Ks when I lived in IL. It moved with me up to Chicago and then back to KS again. It is well traveled yarn. It was time to knit it out of the stash.
Sumi-e demands I stop taking photos of knitting and look to look at him.

Zoom a swiffer cover. It's knit out of a ball of mystery cotton yarn. Just the everyday dishcloth yarn. I'm not sure how it got into my stash. I didn't buy it.
This tickled me the whole time I was knitting it. I have no idea of how well it works but it sure is fun to use. I could whip up a whole mess of these without tiring but I want to see if it works first. And I would have to buy dishcloth cotton. So moving on.

Fern from Knitted Heirloom Lace II, knit in coned weaving cotton yarn. Cast on 9/11 when I was stranded in an airport in Dallas. Knitted in the hotel room and on the greyhound bus home. Only thing left to do was the bind off. It was my oldest UFO. That bind off took 4 hours. Lace does that. Now what to do with a doily?
Put it under something treasured.

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