Wednesday, August 12, 2009

If I only

If I could use only one brand of yarn it would be Rowan because in a world with such crazy rules price wouldn't matter. Rowan has Felted Tweed and Scottish Tweed and Summer Tweed and Silky Tweed. Rowan has Kidcrack... sory... that is Kidsilk Haze and Calmer. Rowan has Cocoon and Organic Cotton. This is only scratching the surface of the Rowan yarns I drool over.

Now, if I had to follow such crazy rules in the real world I would choose Brown Sheep. Brown Sheep is just one state away and does it's best to be an environmentally clean plant. The carbon footprint of my using Brown Sheep yarn is as small as I can get. They buy their wool from Nebraska ranchers and suply jobs to a small town. The have nice yarn that I love to knit in every weight from fingering to extra bulky. They have sock yarn. Sock Yarn. Rowan does not have sock yarn.

But if I was told that I could only knit with one yarn. That from here on out, for the rest of my life, I am limited to just one it would be Cascade Eco.
Cascade Eco just floats across my needles. It has a smooshy goodness and yet the stitches show definition. It knits well at several gauges. It's soft but yet the body of this sweater is on it's 3rd time being knit and the yarn is still holding up. That ball of yarn is one $15 skein. For this hoodie I need three but I think I could get a plain v-neck sweater out of one and a half. I didn't buy any at the sale because I got there an hour after it opened and the store was sold out. It's that good.

The sweater is a hoodie, a raglan knit from the top down. It was finished but I thought too tight around the middle. Yesterday at knitting I ripped it back to the underarms to try again.

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