Saturday, August 22, 2009

Knitting Dreams

I had a dream about this project and woke up wanting to cast on. Before bed I had thought to knit it from the center out so that there would be no picked up stitches to cause a seam or limit the stretch of the piece. It was a passing thought since I have little interest in another lace shawl right now and I already have several projects on the needle.

However, in the middle of the night my subconscious decided that I should knit this as written and right now. I dreamt about this project.

When I woke up I went stash diving for the only yarn I had in anything close to the yardage needed. I hope that it’s enough. I hope superwash blocks out the way a shawl needs to be blocked. I must start today, no waiting for better yarn.
I’m using my rosewood needles because swatching showed they are the best with this yarn. The stitches float across the surface without grabbing like they did on KP wood and the bamboo needles were too blunt. However, a size 5 with this yarn feels a little small. I’m using them anyway. Besides the yarn floating across the surface of these needles, the rosewood just seems fitting for dream knitting. I hope I get a shawl sized piece and not a kerchief. Although, I don't suppose it really matters.
Bridgewater from Jared Flood's Made in Brooklyn knit out of Henry Attic's Kona Superwash Fingering on size 5 needles. If I don't knit this quick it will never be finished.

Yesterday I saw the movie Julie & Julia. A very cute movie about cooking and blogging and making silly decrees and self limitations and announcing it to the world on her blog. I do that all the time. The book is on my hoodie as I strive to knit half of my stash.
But that's not where I was going with that. What I wanted to point out is that Julie & Julia says that everything is better with butter. That is something tastes like heaven you can be sure that butter is an important part of the recipe.

Let me present the Tort I am making for dinner tomorrow night. It is made from butter, sugar, chocolate and eggs. That is all and in that order. It can't help but be good unless I mess up in the cooking of it. It's in the oven right now and I'm worried about it. The directions say to cook until the edges are cracked like a driveway and the center is like jello.

Mine the center is set with one little crack and the edges are like pudding. I'm giving it another 10 minuets but I worry.

Oh, and in the movie there is this fantastic wool throw on the couch. A knitted piece in a wide rib that has the look and texture of my hand-spun in a nice sheepy tan/gray. I gave a passing thought to knitting it since I have just that hand-spun in my stash before realizing neither the color or the style goes with my living room.

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