Saturday, August 29, 2009

Got To Run

No time for knitting.
The pattern Spring Forward, the yarn Jitterbug and I haven't touched them for days because...

I have a job!

I'm so tired that I can't think strait but I want to tell about this before the luster fades and I turn into a zombie. I'm a Prop Artisan at the KC Rep doing a special project for their upcoming show Into The Woods.

My job there is to make Rapunzel's 40 foot braid. To do that nylon rope is dyed, unwound, ironed, and glued to a thick cotton cord. I was hired at 4pm on Wednesday and by Friday night I have put in 26 hours of work.

12 feet are finished. All 50 feet (that is strait, we are hoping that no more than 10 feet will be drawn up in the over and under of the braiding) must be finished by Monday night so that no later than Tuesday morning I can start atttaching the real hair that will cover this.

I got this job through networking. There was no opening at The Rep but I offered to volunteer on this job for a few days. Since I actually showed up to help my friend, and the person in charge of the braid, did much arm twisting to get the money to hire me so that I could be used "as slave labor". That is just fine by me.

Buy tickets
, this is going to be one fantastic over the top (prop wise, I haven't seen anything else yet) production. You don't want to miss it.

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Lynn said...

That is great!!! I hope is leads to other work for you.