Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rainy Weekends Are For Knitting

I spent my weekend knitting on this.
The purple might be close but it doesn't look like the Wonderful Wallaby, does it? It's because my apartment is a strange mixture of really clean and quit cluttered. I couldn't find the wonderful wallaby pattern (it's just now found) when I needed it. So I pulled out my Lady February Sweater.

Saturday I knitted through a long boring part that made me think that perhaps this sweater isn't worth knitting. I was even thinking that I don't like knitting anymore. Then Sunday I hit the lace part and that is fantastic. The love is back.

I am having a gauge problem and the whole thing might be too small. I won't know for sure until I knit 3 more inches.

I have an idea for a baby sweater. This time, this baby sweater, will turn into my first written up pattern. It will. I hope it will. The yarn is Dream in Color Classy. I love this yarn. The skein is a little beat up from being petted to much.

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