Sunday, August 23, 2009

What We Eat

My tort.
It is so good. It was declared "too rich to eat" as we all started on our second piece.

I have ideas of how to make it even better next time. I need to heat the sugar until the sugar crystals melt and to not cook it quite as long. I want to make two very thin ones and fill the center with raspberry cream before frosting.

Another part of Julie & Julia was cooking lobsters. Lobsters taste wonderful. I've had them maybe two times in my life. But watching it on screen with the stunt lobsters hit home a little because of this.

My pet. A "Blue Lobster" if you pick it up in a pet store. A Red Clawed Crayfish is it's real name.
He is the best pet ever. So full of personality and so easy to keep. I love how he waves his antennae when he begs for food. I love how he dances on his hind legs when I feed him flake food instead of pellets. It seems that flake food is about a million times taster than pellets.

It possible that eating lobster is now in the same spot in my mind as eating dog.

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