Sunday, March 25, 2012


Fall of 2010 my Grandparents (on Mom's side) moved from their home here to down Texas. Since they were moving from a house to a suite they downsized everything they owned. When I was asked what I wanted of theirs right away I knew what I wanted, Grandma's button tin.

There was a bit of a groan when I said that since they had moved houses just a few years before down sizing then too. While everyone was sure that Grandma moved her button tin it was considered doubtful that it could be found.

Here it is. Buttons written on it in red nail polish on a Dixie Mix cake mix tin.

It's crammed full of plastic baggies used in some unknown sorting strategy.

Sumi-e always has to check it out. It smells of age and dust and mystery and fun.

Mmmmmm buttons.
Shell buttons are my favorite. I sorted them to the front. They have a wonderful feel and shimmer a bit in the light. They are also just so very cool.

Used and worn buttons cut from clothes. Each one is a bit of someones life.

A knitting stitch holder and a tatting shuttle. The tin also came with 2 or 3 fine crotchet hooks but I moved them from the tin to my notion box.

This is all I asked for but Mom also picked out a book case for me too. It was built for Grandma by her Grandpa. Just a small solid book case but he took the time to carve stars into it.

I love these two bits of family that shows generations of making things. The love of making in its self and the showing of love through the making, it is as solid at the bookcase and as common place as the buttons, and it is wonderful.

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