Monday, March 26, 2012

Super Size Me

Joey is on a second round of antibiotics. The two of us are well versed in the art of medicine taking. I know all the ways to get it in him, he knows all the ways to spit it out again. But this time it's different. He is so small he has to take half a pill. That is nothing new. He is always small. What's different is that instead of a solid pill it's a capsule.

I start by pulling apart the capsule and pouring out the powder. Then is the measuring and dividing. I just eyeball the amount as I make lines with knife. It's all very much like the movies, but instead of Joey eager to get his dose he is completely uninterested in the bitter powder. The next step is mixing it with people food so I can get it in him. So far I've found that nacho cheese and clam chowder works and oatmeal does not, but what works the best, is peanut butter.

So Joey is getting 3 small spoonfuls of peanut butter a day. After only 7 days of this he has gained a noticeable amount of weight. I actually noticed on day 4 and it's just getting worse. While it's no surprise that he is gaining weight what is surprising is how fast it happens.

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