Friday, March 02, 2012


Last night I had yarn dreams. I often dream about the fiber crafts but dreaming just about yarn is new.

I was spelunking in my rocking climbing gear underground in the dark when I came upon a couple that had yarn for sale in their back packs.

The young man had 500 yds of sock weight in prominently sage green but with large sections of deep green and flecks of purple and black. The young woman had 200 yds of worsted weight in deep green with flecks of purple, black, and sage green. While I wished I had more to choose from than green I bought both of their skeins. I then felt guilty that I hadn't lasted a week. That's when Joey woke me up to go out. Ok, only a dream.

The next one is less distinct but it had Joey buying yarn from the LYS. Joey woke me up from that one too, needing to go out again.

In reality I have not bought yarn. Instead I knit this hat sitting in the waiting room of KU Med while my brother had surgery on his hand. The whole experience was very surreal. In part because we had a 5:30 am check in time. The pattern is loosely based on Center Square and I used scrap yarn.

March 2nd and it's snowing! I'm glad to see it since winter has skipped us by.

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