Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Word From the Bird

I just received my box from the Retro/Kitsch swap.

It's totally boss. Yarndoggie out did herself sending the most amazing package.

The letter is on a homemade card! Buttons!! and star stitch markers for the 1950 space theme.
Aaaaaaaaaew hand dyed sock yarn. The color is Pool Man from Rosy Retro on Etsy. It's absolutely perfect. Turquoise and aqua blues are my favorite colors right now.

An old glass baking dish! My favorite baking dishes are old Pyrex, Fire King, and Corelle. I didn't even know an aqua pattern was an option. I love it! I really really love it. From here on out I'm decorating my kitchen around this dish.

Look at the apron! Rickrack!! Wild colorful print on a dark background!!!


That right there is a fine and full swap package. But is it over? No it is not. Yarndoggie is an overachiever of the highest order. I had wistfully wished for a project bag.

Three!!! Do you see that? Three!!! A mod print, a kitschy print, and a space print. The center one has a knitted cozy! It's awesome.

And they are lined!

Mittens. That is some hard core knitting. I turned them inside to show a non knitting friend the floats to show how they are made. There are none. Yarndoggie twisted the two strands with every stitch. Not once ever 3 to 5 stitches. Oh no not for her. They fit perfectly too.

She also sent the scraps. I had assumed because the knitting the mittens had consumed her will to live and she needed the yarn out of her home. But no. She gifted me Grandma's Hat meep But the gauntlet.. um... mitten has been thrown and I'll try and cast on this weekend.

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