Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Things I Like

Another thank you for another wonderful Christmas gift. Her theme was "Things I like and want to share with you" so tammo took bits and pieces of things she had discovered in 2011 and shared them with me.

Alaskan yarn! Rabbit Ridge Designs in Sitka Rose. I love this color! It goes perfectly with my new coat. I'm trying t decide if this is yarn I can knit this year or if I need to save it for nice. I think hording it until this fall and knitting a cowl once the weather turns.

An Alaska knife! I have trouble chopping and mincing because of hand tremors and this should be the solution. I haven't tried it yet and today is the day. I think I'll walk to the store for some green onions. Well, maybe I'll drive but I'll think seriously about walking, or taking a nap. Whether I cook today or not the knife is an incredibly thoughtful gift.

Peppermint coffee and all types of immune system boosters teas. While the peppermint coffee she drinks needs to be brewed the gift is instant so I can drink it at work where they have banned coffee pots.

Books that she enjoyed in 2011. The top one is especially recommended.

I must note the lovely locally made stitch markers that are so pretty with the yarn. The grape jam she made from her own vines. I'm hording it a bit before opening because it is the best grape jam.

The ginger candy was already eaten for car sickness on my January trip. The cherry sauce made from her cherry trees is gone too. That didn't last a week. I thought about putting the empty jar in the photo tauntingly but decided it was too cruel. The cherry sauce is delicious.

I love all of it!

My them to her was "Winter Defiance" and I got her all set up to battle a a fierce January. Everyone can thank me for the mild winter now.

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