Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Boboli and Dolce

Another project I pulled out of my unfinished pile.

I started it May, 11th 2012 and this one didn't even have any knitting left, just 4 ends to weave in. Stalled out for more than a year from the weaving in the ends. Yep. Not a job I enjoy doing at all.

The multi colored yarn is Berroco Boboli that was gifted to me for my birthday, I think that year, and the brown is Cascade Yarns Dolce, an alpaca yarn, from my stash. It's knit in my favorite K1P1 rib scarf pattern. However, I've developed a sensitivity to alpaca and I'm wondering if it's this very soft scarf will be too itchy. The next step is to wash it really well and rinse with hair conditioner and go from there.

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