Friday, December 13, 2013


Another project pulled from the unfinished basket. This one I started April 4th, 2012 and all it had left was a few ends to weave in and the buttons.
Again I'm using Grandma's button tin, although, some of those buttons I've collected myself. The purple ones are from that silk skirt from my freshman year in college, the brown ones to the left are from my white oxford that I wore ushering so I could watch a season's worth of events for half an hour of light work. I saw Morgan Freeman preform in that shirt and it was so moving I cried and makeup ran. The pink buttons are from my favorite work shirt that I just wore to death and then wore some more before finally deciding I shouldn't wear it in public, much less to work. Most of my knitted shawletts are made to go with that shirt. I have socks knit to go with that shirt. I glowed when I wore that shirt.

But button sorting isn't just about the memories it's about picking the best match. My favorites are the orange and they are too small so they were some of the first to go.

I've narrowed it down and I'm leaving it out so I can see it in daylight before making my final choice.

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