Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cover Version

Nerd wars Challenge (Encyclopedia): VOLUME C: COVER VERSION

Your challenge this month is to take inspiration from an existing craft project - either one of yours or someone else’s - and craft something new.

The skein in the back is one I spun of a different round of Nerd Wars. It’s a ply of brown and one of pink. For this challenge I took the leftover singles of the brown and spun up a purple mystery batt and plied the two together. I then spun more of the pink and also plied it with the purple.

It was rather quick spinning since the fibers were well carded and I spun it long draw into a nice, lush, heavy aran weight yarn.

200 yards of the brown/purple
140 yards of pink/purple

Team tie in. There is enough yarn to knit Kaylee a scarf and the pinks, browns, and purples will look real nice with the pink, brown, and peach of her dress.

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