Monday, December 09, 2013

The Ron Weasley Blanket

Another Harry Potter project.

I don't know how I missed it when the movie came out but when I ran across it recently in The Prisoner of Azkaban (and The Goblet of Fire and The Order of the Pheonix) I was obsessed. 
I had to knit it. I had to knit it RIGHT NOW! I even considered buying the yarn for it but that seemed rather un-Weasley like. However, nothing in my stash looked like it would be enough. I had already knit all of my worsted weight into the Curve of Pursuit last spring.

It took about eight hours before I had the flash. I have a whole lot of scraps of Cascade Eco, it being the one yarn I would knit with for the rest of my life, you know, if I was made to choose and malabrigo Twist didn't exists.

I have two skeins of brown in the stash and one of lime green and a whole lot of scraps. It's not worsted weight so the squares are turning out larger but that will mean less sewing in the end. I cast on 30 stitches on size 6 needle and I'm slipping the first stitch of each row. 

The colors aren't a match the original but that is just right for a Weasley blanket. It's more real this way.

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