Thursday, December 05, 2013

Brought to You by the Letter V

The alphabet swap where each person was given a letter along with the name of their partner. daughterofartemis drew me and the letter V and, Wow, what a phenomenal package.

First. Wrapped? Seriously? That’s an extravagant touch for an overseas package sent from the UK. And look at all the LOOT! There is so much in there!

Let's do the best first, ok! 

Wow. Just wow.

This shawl is as light as a whisper and yet it’s pretty substantial. It has knit and crochet bits with the yarn woven through the stitches. daughterofartemis, says it’s tunisian crochet. It looks really really hard. A truly epic project. I’m in awe. The colors are gorgeous and it fits right into my wardrobe. I’m going to wear this all the time. The pattern is Venus

The vittles.

Viennese, chocolate truffle surrounded by special Viennese chocolate and encrusted with sparkling sugar. I’m watching what I eat and I asked that any yummies that are sent to be cheat worthy. So very cheat worthy. I can’t even describe how good these are.

Very Good Chocolate and Valina Chai. I’m hording these to get me through December. Thank you.

Vanilla reminds me, I also received a Vanilla candle that didn’t get a photo. It smells wonderful.

Vintage inspired tin for tea. Just what I need. My kitchen is prone to bugs in the fall when the weather changes and they want to move inside where it’s warm. I use lots of containers and this one is just my style and perfect.

Vivacious. This is the most crappy photo ever but the yarn is stunning. Aqua through blue, violet to periwinkle, with a little bit of acid yellow. It looks like the very first leaf of spring. It will be my first time knitting with Malabrigo Sock and I can’t wait.

Villains. The stitch markers made me squee and laugh out loud.

Vern, Vicious Viking and Virgins. What great choices!

I haven’t read Jules Verne since that dystopian literature class I took in collage and I haven’t read Around the World in 80 days at all. Right now my knitting time is watching Warehouse 13 and Jules Verne is a recurring character. It’s going to be fun to read it in that context rather than the writing an 8 page paper context. Although I enjoy that too. What a great gift. Thank you.

You obviously know I admire the Vikings their aesthetic and use of line in decoration. Now I have a chance to dig deeper into their culture and get the real scoop. This one made me laugh so hard.

Ooooo Virgin Suicides. That looks very promising.

daughterofartemis, you are amazing. The shawl is beyond amazing. I love everything and feel so touched. Thank you.

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