Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Evil Bunnies

In July I tried the South Beach Diet. I wanted a gym membership but I thought it would be too expensive and healthier eating would be a good place to start. A month on that and the grocery bill showed what a bargain a gym membership really is. Rice and potatoes went right back into my diet but I haven't reintroduced sugar back into my apartment. I do eat it when out or with friends or I'm gifted candy in a swap box but it's not in my cupboards. 

So when my Secret Santa at work put a pound of chocolate on my desk every day for five days it was manna from heaven.

Earlier this year, in the silent mocking of the shrines coworkers put in their cubes, I had decided that my cube theme is knitted rabbits. This is the only one I got around to knitting. He is so cozy looking sitting between my awards and diplomas.

I had always planned on knitting more, on knitting a herd of epic proportions, although, it would never rival the Star Wars action figures five rows over or the Hawaiian Honeymoon shrine across the way.

However, it's been nine months since my last promotion and I've sucked every last bit that I can out of this position and I'm searching for my next place in the company. Looking around I'm thinking Hawaiian Honeymoon isn't going anywhere and I know that Star Wars action figure is not and keeping it subtle would be good way to go.

I still hope to get a few more bunnies up to soften my cube since I'm the only one that has left mine bare, even my supe (the most subdued of the bunch) has a mini shrine of cats, just not epic army of evil bunnies.

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