Saturday, October 09, 2010

Autumn Festival

Today was the Autumn festival that I vend at with my friends. 6 of us share 2 tents for a fun day of selling fiber arts. I also have soap and candles .

It was a fantastic day of mild weather and good friends and good food. Really good food. I started the day with a caramel coffee, my brunch was buffalo wings from the buffalo burger booth. Afternoon snack, a combination of smoked and candy roasted almonds washed down with fresh squeezed apple juice, followed by a dinner at Waldo Pizza. Yum.

It's actually sort of funny how I go on and on to my booth mates about how I just don't sell my knitting as I'm laying my knitting out with price tags on it. Like that makes me believable.

But what I mean is I don't knit to sell. However, I did knit 10 hats to go with my winter coat this year. So last night as I was rounding up my soap inventory and realized I pretty much have none I pulled out my basket of knits and priced them. I kept my 3 favorite hats (and all the hat's I knit in years past that I had worn) and priced the rest. Same with my mittens, cowls, and my huge stock of baby sweaters. I figured that if any sold that I would have a bit of yarn money.

Now to decide what to spend it on.

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