Saturday, October 02, 2010

No Money Miracle Part II

I've been a bad swap blogger on this one. The photos have been sitting in my camera for almost a month. But that doesn't reflect on how much I love everything in this box. Love it!
A card, candy, and yarn. Already it's a perfect swap box. But wait! There's more.
A book, blank note cards, recipes, a knitted washcloth, pin cushion, a list of good books to read, a cat toy, beads and a tenny tinny crochet hook for beaded knitting (I can't wait), and finally a real silk sari. It's beautiful!
I'm supposed to tear it up and spin it, and I will. But Sumi-e loves it. He spends his days sleeping on it giving up his old spot in the sun. I suspect he is dreaming of when cats got real silk pillows and fresh food instead of a silk scraps and kibble.

Thank you!

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