Sunday, October 10, 2010


It’s raining a black rain on our tragic hero dressed in a ragged coat while his hat of thick thin hand dyed yarn has a hard worn distressed look to it even when new.

It’s a classic Dystopian story to be sure.

After all dystopian stories are so much more interesting than utopian ones. Matrix, Minority Report, Blade Runner, Fahrenheit 451, the list is longer than my arm. The only stories I could come up with that are even close to an Utopia is the Federation in Star Trek, Gattica, Pleasentville, Lost Horizons and we know how those turned out. Corruption from within, people living on the fringe, all trying to hold it together as it slips away because, really, what is interesting about an Utopia?

Utopia Cable Hat my dystopian version knit in Cascade Jewel a thick and thin hand dyed yarn. Everyone or Ravelry said it ran small or at least short. Since it's a Christmas gift for my brother and he’s a big guy I’ve done 4 repeats of the bottom cable. I think it turned out plenty big.
Look away from the cat hair. There is no cat hair in the photo.

Then I knit an Utopian version in Dream in Color, Classy. Another hand dyed yarn but it's smooth and crisp letting the cables pop. This one I knit to pattern. It is an odd length but I don't think too short. I'm not a fan of the top shaping and would do it different next time. It's also a Christmas gift.

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