Thursday, October 21, 2010


Today was one of those days when nothing goes smooth. I leave for work 5 min late, which is fine because I always get to work 10 min early so I can have some calming breaths at my desk before logging on. I make sure my water bottle is full. I put my knitting where I can look at it. I pull out my favorite pen and my To Do list is reviewed. Leaving 5 minutes late I can't fill my water bottle but the rest is still ok.

I'm driving to work watching traffic, thinking about but no longer listening to the radio, and starting to watch the clock when I notice that there are crazy amounts of flashing lights on an exit ramp. I watch the lights like I always do. I never get to see the wreck or what is going on because I can't get my attention away from the flashing. I actually have no idea how other people can. It wasn't until I had driven past that I even realized that was my exit.

Now I really am late and I get to my desk full of adrenaline and that starts out my day. No moment of calm. From there on out I only have interesting calls. Say that mildly, even coolly and that's how it's spoken of in the break room. Interesting actually means so very much more. I call my supervisor with so many questions I start to wonder if she cringes when she sees it's me. Is a car covered from rodent damage? What is the law on cross company discounts in MN?

Thankfully, I have a meeting at 3:00. I love meetings. It's a nice calm, sane, quiet part of the week. They feel important and I actually get to spend time with my team. Although I'm new enough I still don't know half their names. Sometimes we get stickers and balloons. Often there is candy.

Today is not a team meeting but more important or at least more random. It's about a new hoped for program that's been been talked about here and there since I started. I expect more of the same. I took my notebook and went prepared to spend a nice quiet 30 min learning about the company's long term goals. I love company goals meetings. They are less fun and whole lot more professional but I can be pretty sure nobody will expect me to contribute and I can just sit.

It is about the new program but not at all in the way I expected. The talked about hope is now real. I'm one of only 8 chosen to start. It's a possible promotion that requires weeks of intense training and then a passing a test. Heavy influence on possible there but I'm up for a promotion before I've even been there long enough to have any time in my PTO bank! That says something pretty nice about me, I think. It also means I finally have a grown up job. What is a grown up job? It's a job that I get to bring home with me and spend my nights and weekends working on it.

I normally wouldn't mention something so soon and so tenuous so early in case it comes crashing down but since it's going to affect the knitting...

It could go two ways

less knitting time and a whole lot more dysfunctional coping yarn buying
more knitting time and a whole lot more dysfunctional coping yarn buying

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