Monday, October 04, 2010


Hello, and how may I help you today?

I need my insurance card right away!

I can do that. Would you like me to fax it or email it to you?


Ok then, what's you fax number?

I don't have a fax. Will you fax it strait to the police station?

And what is their fax number?

I don't know. Don't you have it?


How about I email it to you?

I don't have email and I need it Right Now! They are coming to arrest dear hubby for not having his license.


Ok, I'm dropping on in the mail right now. It will go out tomorrow. Also, I can wait while you call the police station and find out their fax number.

I can't do that. They are closed.

Do you really need it tonight then? How about you go to someplace such as your grocery store or a Kinko's with a fax and I would be pleased to fax it to you.

I don't have a fax.

I'm sure you must have a friend with an email account. I can email your information. Or you can get one printed for you at any agent's office.

Ok, but aren't they closed right now?

I suspect they are. However, first thing tomorrow morning you can pick one up.

Ok, I guess I can do that. Which one is closest to my house?


Ok..... What is you're zip code? I have 3 pages of agents in your zip code. Where in that area is your home located?

Main St

I'm not showing any agents on Main. What about Walnut? Michigan? 45th? Can you at least tell me if you live in the North or South part of town? Lincoln? Monroe? Elm...

Monroe? Where's that? I don't know of a Monroe St.

Not Monroe then. Are you close to Elm?

I'm closer to Walnut than Elm


Good! We have 3 agents on Walnut. Let me give you their addresses and phone numbers. We are open for 2 more hours so if you have any other problems please call back.


I never have, but every time I want to ask how they had imagined getting the proof of insurance before they picked up the phone to call me. Maybe there is some mind ray teleportation device that I don't yet know about.

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needlefingers said...

Why are our online students bothering you? :) Seriously, I get "I want to take online classes." "Okay, what is your email address?" "I don't have one, because I don't have a computer. I don't know nuthin' about computers." Great, online courses should be a breeze for you. :P

And I'm pretty sure the police station is open, oh, 24 hours a day. Ha!