Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's Not You, It's Me

We need to talk. I know we just spent a nice weekend together with my browsing and buying from your sale bin of overstock colors and fall specials.
I've noticed you've been working out with your smoother strands and lighter skeins. You also have a whole new line of sexy colors. It seems fitting that you have raised your prices again. After all, a sweater of your yarn still costs less than a sweater at a yarn store and you are worth it.

But at the rate I knit and more importantly at the rate I buy yarn I can't keep up. We have grown apart and I have to move on.

I'm always going to treasure our time together. The purple Wonderful Wallaby is my favorite hoodie. I love wearing it so much I sleep in it some nights. Your yarn is the only one that I have unraveled a sweater so I can knit it again into a new sweater. I've always talked about doing that but it never actually seemed worthwhile until your sweater developed a hole.

I suspect that at least two of the colors I received in this box will become too special to knit. That no pattern will live up to the potential and it will be trophy yarn.

As we step into our new chapter I will always cherish you and wish you well, but I have to move on and do what is right for me. To have a chance to knit other yarns. This is good bye, Beaverslide. Keep your chin up. You're going to be just fine.

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