Thursday, October 07, 2010

Headless Photoshoot

I always thought the headless photos that run rampant on knitting blogs and project pages was because knitters as a whole are shyer about posting photos of themselves online than other groups. I now know different. It's just so hard to get photographers that are willing to take endless knitting shots that we will use whomever we can get.

The next set of photos was taken by a 3 yr old. I adjusted the settings, put it on auto focus, wrapped him up well in the strap so the camera wouldn't drag on the ground, showed him the button, and reminded him not to touch the lens. That last one got me an eye roll. Everyone knows not to touch the lens, silly.

I told him I wanted photos of the vest. At that point he took over telling me where to stand, sit, and he took me at my word and took photos of the vest. Just the vest. He also took several of the other SSS10 photos and with each hat or cowl photo he took there had to be a pause to take another vest photo.

Bramblewood Vest knit in my favorite crazy big skein of Cascade Eco I didn't even use all of the one skein, the leftover ball of yarn is the size of a lemon. I cast on September first and finished 2 weeks later.

The pattern is fine but I struggled with sizing. With bulky yarn there is less room for error. At 4 stitches to the inch a few too many stitches and the thing turns out huge. I knew I wanted it big enough to go over shirts but not so big it was gappy. So while the knitting was quick and easy I was nervous about it the whole time. The sizing turned out ok with my fiddling with it.
However, like bulky weight vests often do, it flattens my bust and at the same time accentuates my muffin top.

I'll wear it anyway since the color is perfect with 5 of my work shirts. I'm nothing if not predictable in my wardrobe choices.

Mods: I left out the back cable so it would be flat sitting in an office chair all day. In doing that I used a fewer stitches on the back to make up for the loss of cable. I also moved the side shaping to back darts for a better fit.

The only vest photo with my face in it.

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