Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Little Love

I love the Internet. Just today I've expanded my vocabulary by looking up the meaning of cosplay, Sumatra, and pants used as an adjective. I've joined an Elann fan club. I check it before starting any project in the home. It's how I found out how to pull up, wash, and restreatch a carpet after water leaked into my basement. It's because of the Internet that I can knit the way I do.

I also love Sumatra Fair Trade Coffee. It maybe because of the dark roast* rather than being grown in Sumatra but my churning sickly stomach is all gone. poof! just like that. I've eaten so much since I ran out of my last batch of coffee and started this one that I'm sure I'm packing on the pounds. Food smells good again! It might not be the coffee but nothing at my job has changed for the better and nothing at home has changed either. Nothing much at least.

*A long time ago, when I was a bank teller, the Starbucks manager came in 3 times a day to make a deposit. I mentioned liking coffee but had problems with many of their drinks unless it was the frozen variety since the ice diluted it to a point I could handle. The manager said I should be drinking dark roast because...well, I don't remember the because but I think he said the dark roast has less acid in it.

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