Monday, October 18, 2010

Wow...just, wow

Today, our computer systems were just limping along. They are never the fastest turtles in the pond but today was bad. Very bad. There was a day this summer they had the dignity to completely crash giving us nothing but a white screen. That was ok. The queue was short because it was an apology and moving onto the next person.

Today, the computer would chunk out the answers. So we would wait and wait, sometimes being able to process some times getting denied so it had to be started over again. All day the computers got slower, the wait in the queue got longer, the room got louder. I now know the weather in every state and the names of most of your dogs too and what you are having for dinner. About 8 pm I started dreaming of having PTO so that I could request tomorrow off, just in case. I opened up my PTO bank and would just look at it's emptiness. That emptiness is the most empty kind.

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